Thursday, 24 September 2009

Where Have That Pesky Lot Gone?

I was just having a look in my very very messy workroom and discovered that Hotdog, Weeny Woo, Weeny Woo's baby and The Hooterninnie have all disappeared!

Where have THEY gone I thought!!  So off on a merry hunt I went.  I searched the whole house but to no avail.  Finally a lightbulb came on above my head.....I had turned the light on by mistake!! Finally I had a brainwave!  I remember hearing them whispering all last week about how they were fed up being stuck in the house all the time.  Weeny Woo, who has a really happy nature, was bored at being ignored, I heard her moan that I hadn't even introduced her on the blog.

Armed with this new thought I went in search outside.  Eureka!!  I found them, all crammed into the camper van.

They were off on an Adventure they said but didn't get past getting into the van.  They were in the middle of trying to figure out how to reach the steering wheel when I found them.  Weeny Woo had the brilliant idea of all climbing on top of each other to reach it but they hadn't banked on Hotdog's clumsyness!!

They all agreed to come back inside when I told them that before they went anywhere in the van it would need a blinkin good wash.  They all had a look out the window and agreed that it probably was not a good idea to take it out JUST yet.....especially when they noticed all the cobwebs!! 

Weeny Woo and baby came all the way over here from Widget and Friends and The Hooterninnie came to us from Oddsox , so if you fancy some cuteness in your life, pop over to their shops.

Ssshhhh, lastly before you go, if you get a spare minute can you go over to Craftjuice and vote for Brian please?  I'm whispering cos Weeny Woo's bunny maker has a skull and crossbones over there as well and she's beating me :)


Widget/Halfanacre said...

I don't think that Weeny Woo is looking after her baby very well - he's flat on his face there!!

Please may I have your VW camper?
I'll pay the postage..

odd.sox said...

Hmmm looks a bit sus to me - maybe they've been having a tipple of screenwash, they all look a little off balance!
PS - 'fraid I voted for both of you!

TracyC said...

Now I understand why Treacle is the way she is. Hello Weeny Woo and family.

talulahblue said...

Have always wanted a VW camper van!!

Mariabei said...

What absolutely adorable creatures...? I love them!! ... and what a lovely story!!


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