Saturday, 12 September 2009

New Pups on The Block

Well we have a new addition to the family, this time it's a human and not a sock puppy, so we have been a little bit pre-occupied at Hotdog's pad!

However, we have had a few new puppies arrive too so Hotdog wanted to introduce them to the world.

From left to right we have Colin, Deirdre Barklow and Dexter Digdog. They are all happy happy happy and are loving the new human.

Keep an eye on the blog over the next week as we had another new addition or should I say additions. They came over from The Warren and are totally adorable. We want to take time blogging about them as Hotdog wants to give the limelight to them, he is totally in love with them. I have never seen him so bowled over!! Check out the bunny shop, but be warned, you might need sunglasses as there is a new, VERY colourful bunny over there at the moment!



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