Friday, 28 August 2009

Hotdog's Travels to Carteret, France

Last week Hotdog went away on holiday to Carteret in France with his Noonoo, Aunty N, Aunty G and SuZie. He told me he had a ton of fun with the girls.

He said the girls are wild, except for Noonoo and that he had a job to keep up with them, especially after they had had a few drinky poo's in the local bar.

He went on the fast ferry over, they all enjoyed going out on deck and posing for the camera. Especially SuZie......who enjoyed it a little bit too much!

So on their first day at the caravan they all got settled in and then had to pop to the local shop and buy some much needed food and even mucher needed vino.

They all spent quite a lot of time down at the local beach. It's quite a long walk from the caravan but the views are fantastic and as we can all see while we were enjoying grey sky's and lots of rain.....and even a tinsy winsy bit of hail, Hotdog and Co were enjoying full on sunshine.

On their first trip to the beach Hotdog was rather upset by the sign stating no dogs on the beach. He got a little bit sulky until someone recognised him as the world famous Hotdog from Hotdog and Me (pop over to his shop to give one of his lovely friends a much needed loving home)and said that he could spend as much time on their beach as he liked......(and anyway, he's a stuffed dog and doesn't poo...sshhhh)

So he managed to get a bit of sun bathing in and also even squeezed in a bit of surfing, after all he has a dude image to live up to.

Hotdog's favourite bit of the holiday though was his serenade from SuZie, although he did whisper to me that he thought she was ever so slightly Dorky!

So beaucoup fun was had by all until the last night when they went out for dinner........Hotdog didn't sleep a wink THAT night!!!


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Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Dave came, didn't say much, and then he was off again!! Re-homed within minutes of arriving.

Good luck Dave!!

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Monday, 24 August 2009

Film Stars!!

Just a quick one today to welcome 2 new puppies to the chaos that is Hotdog and Me.

This is Mutt Damon. He has been with us for a couple of days now and is an absolute delight. I was expecting a bit of disruption due to his Casino loving past but he has been brilliant!

And finally this is Keira Bitely. Again she has been with us for a couple of days and has been fabulous darling. She does like preening herself abit and has spent quite a lot of time in front of the mirror perfecting her pout, but she has mucked in and has not been a prima donna. Although she is quite partial to the blue smarties and only the blue smarties!!

Hopefully over the next couple of days I will get some photos up of Hotdog's trip to Carteret in France. He had a fabulous time with the girls......I think they may have spoilt him....especially with waffles and nutella!

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

With Hotdog Away, Me Needs Help!!

To keep Mr Me in line!! With Me being 37 1/2 weeks pregnant and planning a home birth, Mr Me thought is was a brilliant time to rip the bathroom out!! What is that about eh??

Luckily, we had 3 new visitors today to help bring him in line.

Hopefully they can help to tell him to get his skates on!

So we have Lady Kitty Fitzwoofian-Smythe in the fluffy purple, David Bowwowie next to her and Daisy Doglittle with the gingham scarf.

They wanted to say goodbye and good luck to Kevin Wooferton aka WonderPup who will be leaving us tomorrow.

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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Hotdog has Jetted Off Again!!

Hotdog has gone to France this morning with his Nan, Aunty N,Aunty G and his festival friend Suzie. They had to leave at 5am which is not his best hour so he was a little bit on the grumpy side!!

This is Hotdog waiting patiently for his Aunty N to stop talking and take him to his Nan's house for the evening before their long trip.

We also have some welcomes as well. There are 2 new additions to Hotdog's friends.

This is Marlon Muttlow and Amy Winehouse, they are both pleased to be here although are a little concerned about the Me from Hotdog and Me being 37 weeks pregnant. They said they are really excited about the imminent birth of Little Me No.3 but really don't want to have to help when it starts to happen. Especially when they found out that Me was planning to do it at home.

Me has suggested that perhaps they would all like to go for a really long walk with Pod and the Hooterninnie over the fields. They could even start preparing the ground for the brand new allotment that Hotdog and Me have just been given.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

News from Bertie Bassethound

Bertie got to our warren in FL this afternoon. Sammykins, my Diva Bunny, greeted him and immediately pulled him into her basket to look around. I then brought him to see Rainbow SockBunny, who said "He came all the way from the UK? Brilliant!"

They are now resting together, reminiscing about their old friends and watching the sun set over the palm trees.

How wonderful to get a message in from one of Hotdog's pals. It's so lovely that he had a friend their already in Rainbow Bunny from The Warren.

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Friday, 7 August 2009

Influx or What??

Well, today we have had a bit of an influx of visitors coming to stay until they can be re-homed.

This is them trying to re-create the Usual Suspects.

Please meet the Girls. Bubblegum Pawpaw, Pixie Spoodle and Fleur Yappersly.

And now for the Boys. Kevin Wooferton aka WonderPup, Spaniel Day-Lewis and Digger Waggins.

They have created so much excitement around the place that it's hard to think with all the noise. Hopefully in a few hours they will all have settled down and gone for a sleep. For now I think I will try to escape while they all run around the garden and bounce on the trampoline.

I think I may need some paracetamol before the day is out....or at least a dozen more cups of tea.

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Thursday, 6 August 2009

One of the Hooterninnies has escaped the Sock Garden

Hotdog had a fantastic surprise the other day. A Hooterninnie arrived in the post all the way from The Sock Garden.

He was a little bit shy at first and stayed in his warm pouch but eventually he came out and showed us some goodies he had bought with him as presents. Presents!!!......we were so excited.

Haribo sweeties, what could be better? Except Haribo sweeties and a funky ring for Me.

He soon got over his shyness and quickly made friends with Hotdog and Pod.

And before you could say "Mine's a tea" the Hooterninnie and Hotdog found Me's vintage button collection and had a right jolly old laugh playing with them.

The Hooterninnie has settled in so well that the Little Me's of the house both want one so I expect soon we will have a couple more Hooterninnie's running around causing mischief. How will I keep up with them all? And if you want an adorable little Hooterninnie all of your own then pop over to Oddsox on Folksy.

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