Thursday, 26 November 2009

It's Nearly Christmas!!!!

So excited!

Father Woofmas



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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Noonoo And Me

Hotdog and Me are very proud of our mummy, she has started to populate her online shops and she is making some really beautiful items.

I know the name sounds familiar, my fault as she had her shop name first....naughty Hotdog

Anyway, I just wanted to post some pictures of what she has been busy making.  It's quite a lengthy process as she has to find pure wool jumpers and then shrink them down before designing and making her items.

That's just a little selection but pop over to her shop for more. 

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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Thank You Leanne

So we all know now that Leanne from See The Woods made Labra Kadabra the fastest selling sock creature alive, well she sent me a little Thank You for sending her the sock kit to make Labra from.

Look what she sent me!  I was totally shocked when I opened my parcel, I knew she was sending something but I was just expecting a card!

She even made me a sombrero as I told her that I had wanted to have a go at hats for Hotdog and his friends.

Hotdog, of course could not wait to try it on.

So from Hotdog and Me a massive THANK YOU to Leanne.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Children In Need

Hotdog and Me set a challenge to the good folk over on Folksy last week.  We offered the 1st 12 folksians sock kits for free but they had to create a sock creature and they had to donate that to the Crafteroo Children In Need shop.

These kits got snapped up very quickly and the challenge was on.

Not all the creations are finished yet, you can't rush perfection afterall:) but I thought I would do a kind of mid-challenge update as Children In Need is looming ever closer. 

What better way to raise money for such a good cause then to actually buy something!!  It's win win and you could end up with something totally fab for a Christmas present or even yourself!

Still for sale are:

Above we have Austin the Sock Zorse by Pennydog
Professor Babson the Manx Cat by Rara Avis
A Norwegian Lurgle by Widget and Friends
Hartley the Sockosaurus by Grannyruth
Lucy "The Love Stinks" Skunk by Handcrafted

These have been sold


Above we have:

Labra Kadabra by See The Woods
Violet by Chiyo

So pop over to the Children in Need shop, support a great charity and show love to all the fantastic sellers on Folksy who have donated items.  Remember the price of everything in the shop is donated to the charity not just a small percentage!!

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Thursday, 5 November 2009

So much to say, so little time!

Wow, Hotdog and Me have been absent for awhile huh?  Well we're back woohoo.....and have a bit to get through so here we go.

Firstly, we won a competition, only narrowly beating the bunny maker which was a shock!  It was the Craftjuice Halloween Competition in which we entered Brian.  He's so happy!  If you have a spare few minutes and you want to look at some wonderful crafts pop over there. Our prize was $ that is NOT to be sniffed at.

Head Honcho Hotdog (that's me!) promptly went over to Etsy to indulge my total and utter love of Kitsch by treating myself to some beautiful (well I think they are beautiful) Christmas Tree Decorations.  I bought them from a lovely lady called Appeljar she was so helpful, even more so when I realised she didn't post to the UK.  She went away and found out how much the shipping would cost and then told me about some baubles she hadn't listed and would I like to see them before she listed......well of course I did!!!   Below is what I bought, I cannot wait to receive them.

Appeljar SHOP NAME 2
Appeljar Appeljar
Appeljar Appeljar

I know they are not to everyone's taste (and I know Mr H is gonna hate them) but I totally love them.

Hotdog and Me also did a craft fair, although this was not that successful due to very few people turning up, we did get to meet Blue Box Studio a fellow Folksian, which was lovely.

This is our stall with the lovely bunting my sister made.

We ventured over to the dark side as well and opened up an Etsy shop, fingers crossed they like us over the pond.

 And lastly, we posted out 12 sock kits the other day to some of the lovely Folksy peeps.  I challenged them to make a sock creature which they then had to donate to the Crafteroo Children in Need Folksy shop.  If you need a gift and want to do some good at teh same time then go take a look, there are some really nice items in there.

Here's a sneaky peak at one from Fatem from Rara Avis

Also, when all the sock creatures are completed I will post pictures here so you can all see how wonderful they are.

Phew, take a breath! That's all for now Folks da dada da da da daaaaaaaa.

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