Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Pleasey Weasey Vote For Measey!

Hotdog has entered Brian into a Halloween Competition and he needs all the votes he can possibly muster.

If you have a spare few moments would any of you wonderful people be able to go over and give him some votes.  It will do wonders for his self esteem!!

When Dave went missing he really went into himself and even the arrival of Colin and Jefferey, the other SKELLY DOGS, didn't make him join in.  Dave2 came along and went onto his new owner and the original Dave miraculously appeared again (but never told where he had been or what wonders he had seen!) and even these fab events didn't make him happy.

Hotdog believes and I have to agree that getting these votes will show him that people do care about him and maybe he will start to join in again.  So please, vote for Brian and give him that much needed ego boost.  Hotdog and Me and ALL the puppies will be very very grateful.


Glassprimitif said...

I did! Hope you win....


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