Friday, 7 August 2009

Influx or What??

Well, today we have had a bit of an influx of visitors coming to stay until they can be re-homed.

This is them trying to re-create the Usual Suspects.

Please meet the Girls. Bubblegum Pawpaw, Pixie Spoodle and Fleur Yappersly.

And now for the Boys. Kevin Wooferton aka WonderPup, Spaniel Day-Lewis and Digger Waggins.

They have created so much excitement around the place that it's hard to think with all the noise. Hopefully in a few hours they will all have settled down and gone for a sleep. For now I think I will try to escape while they all run around the garden and bounce on the trampoline.

I think I may need some paracetamol before the day is out....or at least a dozen more cups of tea.


odd.sox said...

You be careful 'Me' we don't want it turning into BattersMe Dogs Home!

I had a proper good snigger at your names again - particularly 'Spaniel Day Lewis' - very funny!

love oddsox x

Bliss Knits said...

They all look so well behaved. I'm sure lots of good homes will be found for them soon!


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