Friday, 28 August 2009

Hotdog's Travels to Carteret, France

Last week Hotdog went away on holiday to Carteret in France with his Noonoo, Aunty N, Aunty G and SuZie. He told me he had a ton of fun with the girls.

He said the girls are wild, except for Noonoo and that he had a job to keep up with them, especially after they had had a few drinky poo's in the local bar.

He went on the fast ferry over, they all enjoyed going out on deck and posing for the camera. Especially SuZie......who enjoyed it a little bit too much!

So on their first day at the caravan they all got settled in and then had to pop to the local shop and buy some much needed food and even mucher needed vino.

They all spent quite a lot of time down at the local beach. It's quite a long walk from the caravan but the views are fantastic and as we can all see while we were enjoying grey sky's and lots of rain.....and even a tinsy winsy bit of hail, Hotdog and Co were enjoying full on sunshine.

On their first trip to the beach Hotdog was rather upset by the sign stating no dogs on the beach. He got a little bit sulky until someone recognised him as the world famous Hotdog from Hotdog and Me (pop over to his shop to give one of his lovely friends a much needed loving home)and said that he could spend as much time on their beach as he liked......(and anyway, he's a stuffed dog and doesn't poo...sshhhh)

So he managed to get a bit of sun bathing in and also even squeezed in a bit of surfing, after all he has a dude image to live up to.

Hotdog's favourite bit of the holiday though was his serenade from SuZie, although he did whisper to me that he thought she was ever so slightly Dorky!

So beaucoup fun was had by all until the last night when they went out for dinner........Hotdog didn't sleep a wink THAT night!!!



Half an Acre said...

Does he have sand in his ears? Widget is very very sandy ...

Dark Fairy said...

Bonjour Monsieur Hotdog, you look like you had a fab time, frou frou says she hopes you enjoyed your trip to her homeland. Looks like the singing was heartfelt!

odd.sox said...

That looked like a scary menu moment Hotdog - lucky you had all those girls to protect you!


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