Sunday, 16 August 2009

Hotdog has Jetted Off Again!!

Hotdog has gone to France this morning with his Nan, Aunty N,Aunty G and his festival friend Suzie. They had to leave at 5am which is not his best hour so he was a little bit on the grumpy side!!

This is Hotdog waiting patiently for his Aunty N to stop talking and take him to his Nan's house for the evening before their long trip.

We also have some welcomes as well. There are 2 new additions to Hotdog's friends.

This is Marlon Muttlow and Amy Winehouse, they are both pleased to be here although are a little concerned about the Me from Hotdog and Me being 37 weeks pregnant. They said they are really excited about the imminent birth of Little Me No.3 but really don't want to have to help when it starts to happen. Especially when they found out that Me was planning to do it at home.

Me has suggested that perhaps they would all like to go for a really long walk with Pod and the Hooterninnie over the fields. They could even start preparing the ground for the brand new allotment that Hotdog and Me have just been given.


Bliss Knits said...

Wow, such a busy time for you! x

Half an Acre said...

Yup - we've been coming to the Isle of Wight every year since I was about 2. My family have a flat here in Seaview. RIght now i'm sitting in my car tapping into someones' wifi network - teehee! So much to deal with whilst I'm away - the Blackberry has limited internet access sadly.
Waltzing Waters? Over my dead body!!


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