Thursday, 6 August 2009

One of the Hooterninnies has escaped the Sock Garden

Hotdog had a fantastic surprise the other day. A Hooterninnie arrived in the post all the way from The Sock Garden.

He was a little bit shy at first and stayed in his warm pouch but eventually he came out and showed us some goodies he had bought with him as presents. Presents!!!......we were so excited.

Haribo sweeties, what could be better? Except Haribo sweeties and a funky ring for Me.

He soon got over his shyness and quickly made friends with Hotdog and Pod.

And before you could say "Mine's a tea" the Hooterninnie and Hotdog found Me's vintage button collection and had a right jolly old laugh playing with them.

The Hooterninnie has settled in so well that the Little Me's of the house both want one so I expect soon we will have a couple more Hooterninnie's running around causing mischief. How will I keep up with them all? And if you want an adorable little Hooterninnie all of your own then pop over to Oddsox on Folksy.


Half an Acre said...

I'm already tempted by a Hooterninnie and now you post this cute post and now I WANT ONE EVEN MORE!!!
I've bought so many little creatures lately ........*sits on hands*

odd.sox said...

Oh Good! I just knew he'd settle in with Hotdog - they look very mischievous together - looks like Pod will need to keep his watchful eye on them! Thank you for the lovely write-up. Shaz x

TracyC said...

So cute! Will my husband divorce me if I just go look?????

Dark Fairy said...

I must resist the hooterninnie- oh has banned me from buying until I sell some things!x


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