Monday, 29 June 2009

Woof Hello, Woof Goodbye

Hotdog unfortunately didn't make it to Glastonbury after all which is a massive shame as the person he was going with met the lead singer from Franz Ferdinand!!!!

He had a slight mishap with a large female doberman and had to go in for a bit of a
face lift. You will be pleased to know that he pulled through OK and is on the mend.

Brighter news is that we received a blog award and will be spending some time over the next week finding 15 lovely blogs to pass this award onto.
Hotdog was well chuffed as his blog is fairly new.

......we had a commission!! A lovely lady over at Saffronbarr asked if we could help her find a Dalmatian doggy and we did!!

Meet Lucky Woofswell. Lucky is off to her new home as we speak so didn't get to spend much time getting to know the other pack members. Bon voyage Lucky.



Hello Lucky!

catldy said...

Oh cute!

TracyC said...

Hotdog! That sounds scary. We're glad you are okay now. Lucky is very cute.

Angela Chapman Photography said...

Cute Dalmatian :)


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