Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Other Sockies

Hotdog is a little bit lethargic today, I think it might be the humid heat, so he and I decided to have a look around at other creatures from the sock world and post some of our favourites. We even popped across the water to have a sneaky peek too!

Meet Flower Bun the Sock bunny from Widget and Friends

This is Simply & Simon from Oddsox

Sleepy Hoody Hedgehog from The Other Mousie

Mini Sock Monster from Made by Kate

Blue Camo Plump from Stuffed Nonsense

This is Bernard from Uppity Woman Designs

Billy from Doctor Superhelga

Cherish Cheerleader from Swiedebie

Hotdog is off to be a couch potato for a while now, see if he can cool down! He hopes that you liked the other little sock folk he found.


Half an Acre said...

oh no! all those lovely cute sock toys - and some of them look so sad and make me want to give them a kind home!!!
Thank you for featuring my bunny - she is very excited and bouncing around infront of the computer getting generally above herself!!

odd.sox said...

aaah! What a load of good finds, and thank you for including my little men - looks like they have a particularly lovely bag of buttons in front of them!
I just checked out the Doctor Superhelga shop - did you notice the sock tom cat called 'Here Kitty Kitty'!

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

Love the hoodie hedgie!!

theothermousie said...

Awww so many socks - so little time - aren't they all sooooo gorgeous?! Every one is different! Thanks for including my hedgehog too xx

Anonymous said...

Wowawee! Such fab sock creatures, you've got some of my favorite sellers here too! oddsox, I love the look on simplys face, heehe!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting feature on the sox cuties. Thanks for including my Cherish sox monstie in it. xxoxo, Swiedebie

Kreativlink said...

Heheh.. they are all cute, but the one from Swiedebie is my favorite :)

viltk said...

Swiedebies cheerleader is so original!!

Dark Fairy said...

My pleasure Chantal, I love what you make, and am looking forward to checking out your stuff at Crimbo shop time.

love n light



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