Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Boys Are Back In Town!

I have a trio of lovely boys for you to meet today. They came to stay with Hotdog for awhile but Hotdog has gone on his travels to Glastonbury!! Let's hope it doesn't rain TOO much or he will get muddy, especially as he doesn't have any wellies. More about his time at the festival next week when he returns.

Please meet Bernard Muttson, Jeremy Beagle and Edward Woofwoof.


nifty thrifty said...

Cute dogs ... and you don't need a pooper scooper! I particularly like Edward and am going to hop over to your shop for a noss around

odd.sox said...

Jeremy Beagle - hahaha - like that!

Dark Fairy said...

Love the names, I can see I will be borke at Crimbo!


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