Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Competition Mystery

Hotdog is so happy today that he managed to find a new home and loving family for Claudia van de Woof that he decided it's a good day for a competition, and I have to agree I think he's right.

So meet this lovely lady.
Isn't she pretty?

She's belongs to the winner.

The competition is in 2 parts.

Firstly, there is a MYSTERY hidden in one of my listings in my shop Hotdogandme. Tell me which listing it is in.

Secondly, Give this beautiful pooch a name.

That's it! Closing date will be 12 midnight 6th July.



The mystery is in Molly Barksmith Sock Dog!
And I think this pretty little dog should be called Kylie Le Milou. (Milou is french for Dog).
Karen xxxx

odd.sox said...

I know I know! It's mysterious Albert Barkly Sock Dog.

And I think the beautiful lady should be called, Zsa Zsa GaBoa...

...and I still think Jeremy Beagle is a really funny name!


Ha! Odd Sox I love that name, Zsa Zsa Gaboa!! You are bound to win. K:-)

Dinky Daisy said...

Albert barkly has the mystery and I think this "fabulous darling" sock pooch should be called Holly Gowoofwoof!! Debbie

SNOW QUEEN said...

Hi, Molly Barksmith is the holder of the mystery and I think the lovely lady should be called "Marylin Monwoof"!.

Debbs x

nifty thrifty said...

Ohh Albert does have his penchant for Poirot byt Molly has the real mystery.

I think the new doglett on the block should be called frou frou la reine (Queen Frou Frou)

Boyknitter said...

Hello Again HotDog! Remember me?!

Molly Barksmith has the key to the mystery. With regards the gorgeous new puppy - are we sure it's a girl? Come on! Reach out to a new demographic! Social diversity! I think a good name would be Campus de Waggytail, and I believe he is dressed and ready to go to Gay Pride!

Hotdog, your blog is like fine wine and keeps getting better and better with age. I think I'm starting to prefer sock doggies to the real thing!

Mollimoo said...

Molly Barksmith Sock dog holds the mystery. I think this hot little chick should be called Tallulah Hotwoof x

ai said...

Molly Barksmith is keeper of the mystery. How about Lady Pawsha of Argyll for the gorgeous new doggy. :)


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