Saturday, 4 July 2009

While the Hotdog's Away......

Hotdog has finally made it to a festival after the unfortunate Doberman incident.....Dobergate! This festival is not quite Glastonbury but I am sure he will have a totally fabulous time anyway. He has gone to Hop Farm Festival.

He better stay off the cider as he gets a bit squiffy after a couple of sips.

In his absence 3 new play pals have arrived.

They are Ethel Poochston, Bertie Bassethound and Davina McCruffs. We are so pleased to have them come stay with us for awhile.


Dark Fairy said...

Ha ha Hotdog, have a fabby time. I am going to Lounge on the Farm on friday, as I won tickets from BBC Southeast.

Half an Acre said...

LOL Dobergate!
What happened? or is it what I think?

Boyknitter said...


I simply adore Ethel! What a cutie!

Anyway, the reason I am writing is this - i'm flattered (at least, I assume I ought to be?!) that i've been tagged but I have no idea what that means and no idea what I should do!!!!

Apologies if I am being a complete buffoon!!!

Drop me a line and explain, there's a dear!

M xxx


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