Thursday, 31 December 2009


We had some family and friends over last night for our last Knit Club of 2009 (1st rule of Knit Club is you don't talk about Knit Club)! Needless to say not much knitting went on and lots of drinking happened.

I set my sister a challenge and gave her my box full of socks....create a sock creature I said and I gave her some books for inspiration.  Well she took up my challenge with great gusto, scissors and socks flying, and a while later Jeremy was born!!

Can you see him??

There he is!!

He's so diddy!

Anyway, it is with much pleasure that I wish you all a Very Very happy New Year.
Enjoy your last evening of 2009 everyone, woohoo........

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Monday, 28 December 2009

Happy New Year

Hotdog, Weeny woo from Widget and Betsy my Hooterninnie from Oddsox hope you all had a very happy Christmas.......

....and a Very Very Happy New Year

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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Albert's in Holland

Hotdog and Me received a wonderful email from Albert Barkley today, he's has gone to live in Holland!!

He says -

Since a couple of weeks I'm living in Holland with Tessa.
I really like it here and I've made a couple of friends already:
Little Spotty and Maureen, two bunnies made of socks.
Just like me!
And Mister Jummy.
He looks a bit scary, but he is very friendly!

The otherday when I was sniffing around the house, I found some DVD's that I love!
Tessa has a lot of Poirot DVD's!

A couple of days ago, it began snowing in Schiedam.
So Tessa took me and the bunnies out and let us play in the snow.


I'm going to sniff out how the DVD player works!



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