Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Albert's in Holland

Hotdog and Me received a wonderful email from Albert Barkley today, he's has gone to live in Holland!!

He says -

Since a couple of weeks I'm living in Holland with Tessa.
I really like it here and I've made a couple of friends already:
Little Spotty and Maureen, two bunnies made of socks.
Just like me!
And Mister Jummy.
He looks a bit scary, but he is very friendly!

The otherday when I was sniffing around the house, I found some DVD's that I love!
Tessa has a lot of Poirot DVD's!

A couple of days ago, it began snowing in Schiedam.
So Tessa took me and the bunnies out and let us play in the snow.


I'm going to sniff out how the DVD player works!




talulahblue said...

Enjoy the Poirot dvd's Albert and stay cosy whilest it snows xx

Half an Acre said...

So thrilled that a Hotdog Doggie has joined The Warren bunnies - at least they will see some proper snow!


Ah a lovely Christmas story!! Kx Happy Christmas.


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