Friday, 24 July 2009

Phew, Hotdog is Back!!

Hotdog has been back a couple of days but is still trying to unpack his suitcase, however he has decided he has time to squeeze in a blog about his exploits.

The day before we all flew to Switzerland we went to Legoland where Hotdog thoroughly enjoyed posing in front of the mini buildings......well he is a bit of a show off!! Even though it was not the school holidays the place was really busy and the queues were quite long.

The next day Hotdog and family jetted off to Geneva Airport. We went to stay with family in a valley just below Verbier.

This is Hotdog posing on the Balcony.

These beautiful pictures were taken at the top of Mont Fort.

The Plane journey home, the lolly is to stop Hotdog's ears popping!

Whilst we were in Switzerland we were lucky to see the tour de France end one of it's stages on the road to Verbier. Wow, we were all in awe at how fast they can cycle!! It took them roughly 20 mins to get from the bottom to the top.....that's the same as a car. The Me of Hotdog and Me wants to post one last picture, yummy cyclists.

Look at those yummy legs!! (That's the Me saying that)
The rider on the left with the black and yellow helmet is Lance Armstrong.

And last but not least we would like to say a big thank you to Anna from The Warren for re-homing Jeremy Beagle. If you are a funny bunny pop over to her shop, it's well worth a visit.


odd.sox said...

Looks like Hotdog had a marvellous time - what beautiful scenery!

Half an Acre said...

Jeremy has arrived! We've been away in Wales for a few days and he was waiting here for us!
I'm going to blog about him today!

Bliss Knits said...

Fantastic holiday photos. Hotdog is such a poseur!


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