Friday, 31 July 2009

About Time Too!!

We have 2 new arrivals today. It's been a long time since we have had any new visitors to help, I think it's because Hotdog has been recovering from his overseas travels and Me has been recovering from seeing all those cyclists legs!!

So without further ado meet Geraldine Barkton and Pawline Howler. They said they are both really happy to be staying with Hotdog but are looking forward to moving onto new homes. They took full advantage of the limited sun today but are now curled up inside trying to get warm again.


Half an Acre said...

Jeremy Beagle is up on the blog! YAY! But who stole the doggy treats?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you must have been at the Tour de France! We didn't make it this year, but my friend, Herbie, participated in the Tour de Frog a few years ago. I've written about it in my blog,

odd.sox said...

Ha! PAWline - that's genius!


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