Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Children In Need

Hotdog and Me set a challenge to the good folk over on Folksy last week.  We offered the 1st 12 folksians sock kits for free but they had to create a sock creature and they had to donate that to the Crafteroo Children In Need shop.

These kits got snapped up very quickly and the challenge was on.

Not all the creations are finished yet, you can't rush perfection afterall:) but I thought I would do a kind of mid-challenge update as Children In Need is looming ever closer. 

What better way to raise money for such a good cause then to actually buy something!!  It's win win and you could end up with something totally fab for a Christmas present or even yourself!

Still for sale are:

Above we have Austin the Sock Zorse by Pennydog
Professor Babson the Manx Cat by Rara Avis
A Norwegian Lurgle by Widget and Friends
Hartley the Sockosaurus by Grannyruth
Lucy "The Love Stinks" Skunk by Handcrafted

These have been sold


Above we have:

Labra Kadabra by See The Woods
Violet by Chiyo

So pop over to the Children in Need shop, support a great charity and show love to all the fantastic sellers on Folksy who have donated items.  Remember the price of everything in the shop is donated to the charity not just a small percentage!!



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