Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Thank You Leanne

So we all know now that Leanne from See The Woods made Labra Kadabra the fastest selling sock creature alive, well she sent me a little Thank You for sending her the sock kit to make Labra from.

Look what she sent me!  I was totally shocked when I opened my parcel, I knew she was sending something but I was just expecting a card!

She even made me a sombrero as I told her that I had wanted to have a go at hats for Hotdog and his friends.

Hotdog, of course could not wait to try it on.

So from Hotdog and Me a massive THANK YOU to Leanne.


Leanne said...

I'm glad Hotdog likes his new hat and thank you for introducing my highly addictive personality to sock dogs, if it weren't the middle of winter I'd be able to avoud socks altogether until the obsession passes:)

Swirlyarts said...

Hotdog looks cute!!


Some how I always seemed to ure on the side of the South American accent when saying to myself 'hotdog and me' (mmmm I know, a tad weird).
But now all is confirmed! Please Please, get somebody to knit him a stripey poncho (I can't knit).
I feel a film coming on, called Hotdog & Me (played by Hotdog himself or Johnny Depp).....deep in the Southern American Jungle....
Oh dear had better get back to work! Kx

Cosmic Eden said...

Oh my god, Hotdog in a sombrero is hilariously cute :D

Laura Cameron said...

Love the sombrero! Great work from you and Leanne supporting Children in Need in such an inventive way! xo

Half an Acre said...

Oh I do love the idea of hats!

Ellie's Treasures said...

Hotdog looks so cute in that hat!


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