Wednesday, 6 October 2010


When Hotdog was being an adventurer in the garden the other day she found a secret teeny tiny door.

Being the curious king of dog that she is she had to open it.

Well, would you believe it, out of this door came some Yeahbuts. These curious little creatures are adorable and everso slightly mischievious. They have been living at the end of the garden for as long as they can remember but they said they are more than happy to go out into the big bright world to give cuddles to us Giants.

Agyness Yeahbut
Hugo Yeahbut
Trunip Yeahbut

These are the first 3 that were brave enough to come and play with a pack full of sock puppies and they decided to stay in the warm for a bit. They said they quite liked the magic box on the side that showed colourful pictures and they adore all the pups as well.

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