Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I Miss My Shoes

I'm having an attack of The Frumps this week!  I miss my beloved cat shoes.

 I know what you're thinking, a 38 year old mother of 3 should not be wearing such silly shoes but I really really loved them. Unfortunately they went to shoe heaven last summer.  I need to find a replacement, something fun.  Any ideas?


Confessions of crafty mummy said...

Have a look for "irregular choice" they are lovely!

Ellie's Treasures said...

I love quirky things too! You're not too old for fun shoes like that, they're brilliant. Hope you find a replacement. Elaine

Leanne said...

Love I'm wearing Winnie the Pooh socks:) And there's no such thing as too old for anything. Get yourself a pair of shoes you can draw on like canvas ones and a pack of sharpies or fabric markers and go nuts. They won't be waterproof but sure you can keep for lovely sunny days or just when you're tottering around the house and need happy shoes.

Minifelts said...

They're such cool shoes, my boyfriends Mum had a pair exactly the same. In fact he just bought her these Alice In Wonderland themed shoes off of Etsy for mothers day, they're very quirky!

The Bunny Maker said...

We are never too old for anything, in fact, the older we get the more we can get away with!

KiTTYPiNKSTaRS said...


Haha and I wear stuff way too silly for 35! Haha


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